St. Paul's Facility Use Guidelines:

St. Paul's UMC building is to be used for the ministry of the our church and the greater Idaho Falls Community.  It is our objective to encourage usage of the St. Paul's property among church members, and community organizations, with the understanding that any activity shall be consistent with the Christian ideals and objectives of the church.  The Facility Use Guidelines below presents the facilities/services available, facility use rules, fee schedule, policy/procedures and responsibilities of the person(s) in charge of the event.   SPUMC_Facility_Use_Guidelines_2022.pdf

St. Paul's Methodist Safe Sanctuary Policy

As a local ministry, we recognize that staying in love with God requires providing safe sanctuary for all.  This is especially important as we recognize the needs of persons who may face higher risk of violence committed by others.  We commit ourselves to ending abuse and other forms of interpersonal violence.  Therefore, the Safe Sanctuaries:  Abuse Risk Reduction and Prevention Policy is a core missional statement of this congregation.  Safe_Sanctuary_2021.pdf