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Loving God and Others

In the month of September, our Bible lessons will be about "Walking with God".  The nice thing about traveling with Jesus is that he leads the way.  We just follow.  Following Jesus doesn't require us to have any special knowledge or training.  It doesn't require us to be perfect.

We respond to Jesus' invitation to walk with him by learning practices that keep us moving on our walk with Jesus.  Practices like worship, listening to God, service, generosity and sharing God's word and love with others.

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God loves all people.

God suffers when children, youth, and vulnerable adults suffer.

The United Methodist church was founded by John Wesley who taught:  First, do no harm.  Do all the good you can.  Stay in love with God.

Our hope and belief today is that the church is a place where all people will find the unconditional love and care they so desperately need to grow and thrive.  

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