The Manifesto was compiled by Gary Best, based on the teaching of Wesley. Best is a historical consultant at the New Room in Bristol, England, a Methodist chapel and museum.  The following are still relevant today.

John Wesley's Manifesto

  1. Reduce the gap between rich people and poor people.
  2. Help everyone to have a job
  3. Help the poorest, including introducing a living wage
  4. Offer the best possible education
  5. Help everyone to feel they can make a difference
  6. Promote tolerance
  7. Promote equal treatment for women
  8. Create a society based on values and not on profits and consumerism
  9. End all forms of slavery
  10. Avoid getting into wars
  11. Share the love of God with everyone
  12. Care for the environment

John Wesley is known as the founder of the Methodist movement.  He was an English cleric, theologian and evangelist.  

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FActs about john wesley and methodism

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  • John Wesley wrote one of the all-time bestselling Medical Texts that went through 32 revisions
  • He coined the phrase "Agree to Disagree"
  • He rode far enough by horseback to circle the earth 10 times, 250,000 miles
  • He had serious doubts about his faith
  • "Methodists" was originally a derogatory name because of following a method for growing closer to God
  • He counseled people to "eat a little less than you desire" which was a practice to ensure that people were not ruled by their natural desires
  • Wesley never desired to split from the Church of England
  • He believed you could not be a Christian on your own, you needed a community

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