connecting to grow in faith

The Bible knows nothing of a solitary religion.

-John Wesley

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We grow in faith together. That's why we think it's important to create community and build relationships. Whether it's through Wednesday night dinners, Sunday School, a Small Group, or Youth Group, there's a way for you to connect and grow in love for God and others. 

Wednesday Night Alive...

Every Wednesday evening throughout the School Year, we get together for a light family meal. Join in the meal prep or chip in a few bucks, all are welcome at the table! After dinner, we have activities and programs for everyone. Contact us for more info, or just show up on Wednesday! ALL are welcome!

6:00 pm     Dinner

6:30 pm     Adult Group Study with Nancy

                    Youth Group with Annie

                    Kid Zone with Melinda

7:30 pm     Contemporary Worship Practice

Children's Ministry

Bible Presentation Sunday

September 30, both services

All children going into 3rd grade will be presented a Bible. We equip our children with scripture so together we can learn and grow in our love for God’s word.

If you are a third grader or a fourth grader that did not receive a bible last year, please contact Melinda Ginosar at 208-360-6641 or


Youth Ministry

*youth Ministry is on!*

Pizza. Dodgeball. Mission Trips. Jesus. That's a recipe for connecting students to one another and God! Contact Annie Schoonen for more info on connecting your family or serving in Youth Ministry! 

Jr. & Sr. High Sunday Schools, Sundays at 10:30 am

We encourage teens and families to worship at the 9:00 am Contemporary service, and then stay for games, food, and discussion. 

Youth Group, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

After dinner on Wednesdays, we gather together for some fun, friends, and growing in faith! It's a perfect time to invite friends who are curious about church. For grades 6th- 12th. 

Throughout the year:

Mission Trips


Bowling, Sledding, Bonfires

Service Projects


Weekend Activities

and more fun! 

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Adult discipleship

Growth in discipleship is growth in love for God and one another. It's a lifetime process! We offer several ways for you to connect with others to grow in faith. Contact us for more info on joining or starting a discipleship group!

Adult Sunday School, Sundays at 9:00 am

Theology on Tap, Sunday Evenings at the Bear and Blue Tap House, 6:00 pm

Study Group, Monday Evenings at the Miles' home

Women's Study, Monday at 1:00 pm

Pastor's Study Group, Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Prayer Group, Thursdays at 1:30 pm

Throughout the year, we offer short term studies as well. Subscribe to our email list below to catch all our discipleship information! 

Grow   †  Pray  †  Study

Each week, we offer daily Scripture readings and thoughts in our Grow • Pray • Study (GPS) Guide. 

Come back on Mondays for the weekly GPS, and spend time in study and prayer daily! 

You matter to God. 


St. Paul’s UMC

GPS: Grow, Pray Study Guide for the week of September 16 - September 22, 2018

Creation, Sky Sunday: Dominion & Exploitation


Destination:  To gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a deeply committed follower of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  To be able to recognize your experiences of God and to discover God in new and different ways.


Memory verse:  I encourage you to read this Scripture every day and by the end of the week have it memorized or to the point of where you can paraphrase the verse(s).  Try writing it down on post-it notes and place them in areas where you will see it daily, for example the bathroom mirror or the dashboard of your car.


“Heaven is declaring God’s glory; the sky is proclaiming his handiwork.”

Psalm 19:1 CEB   


Daily Prayer:

God, your glory fills the heavens and all that you have made bears your mark. We pray for this creation: we ask forgiveness for the ways in which we have disfigured it; we pray for those who cannot enjoy the warm sun or the cool night, those who are imprisoned or alone those who are ill or infirm those who mourn. Use all of us, our hearts, and our hands, to bring your wondrous power into their lives. Use all of us to protect and care for all of your wondrous creation. Hear these and all our prayers, Holy God. Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. Let us glorify you, O God. Let your hymn resound in our lives. In the name of God, our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer and the Holy Spirit, our Sustainer.  


Monday, Sep. 17, 2018 read Psalm 19. This is a Psalm that affirms creation and law declares God’s glory. Drawing upon the imagery of heaven day and night this Psalm/hymn is transformed as a celebration of God’s creation. The universe in its very existence is portrayed as giving God a liturgy of praise. When you see the sun, moon, stars what praises do you offer to God?


Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2018 read Psalm 19:1-6. The heavens and firmament are continuously telling along with the sun and stars (day and night) the glory of God’s creation. Knowledge of God is poured forth without speech. The sun’s regular movement across the heavens is a reminder that God is the one who set Creation into motion. Are you taking time to gaze and reflect upon the God who created the sun, moon and stars? All too often we block ourselves from the beauty of the sky by staying indoors. Take time to gaze at the heavens, be still and listen for God to speak.


Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2018 read Genesis 1:26. Before sin entered into humanity, God gave humans dominion over creation. The Scripture passage combines humanity in the image of God (imago dei) receiving dominion over creation. So because we are made in the image of God we are to nurture, tend creation as God would. We are placed in an interdependent relationship with creation. How do you see yourself being interdependent with creation? How do you nurture creation?


Thursday, Sep. 20, 2018 read Deuteronomy 4:15-20. In ancient days (and still today) there were people who worshiped the sun, moon and stars. They worshipped the objects themselves, not the one who created them. What is the danger of worshipping objects? Are you aware of objects that you idolize? Are you aware of objects of parts of creation that you despise? What can you do to begin to see them as creations of God?


Friday, Sep. 21, 2018 read Psalm 89. Verses 5 through 14 is a beautiful hymn praising the Creator including details about the heavens that were not included in Genesis 1. All sorts of heavenly beings surround the throne of God. In verse 14 we are told, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne. Steadfast love and faithfulness go before God.” How do you display steadfast love and faithfulness for God’s creation?


Saturday, Sep. 22, 2018 read Matthew 24:29. Emperors claimed the blessing of the sun and moon. They depicted themselves with the sun’s rays on coins. When Jesus comes again, the worldly leaders who think of themselves as gods will face the ultimate God through Jesus. Pray for leaders and rulers around the world to see themselves as humans created in the imago dei (image of God) instead of a god. Pray for their leadership to be open to the wisdom of God. Pray for their leadership to be humble before God.



Resources: Bible by God, UMC Lectionary Resources,